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Located in scenic Canterbury Connecticut, Our Kids Farm, LLC is owned and operated by Wendee and Neil Dupont Jr.  
After Neil and I married, we decided we wanted to bring the homestead back to life. We did our research and chose Nigerian Dwarf goats. The reason we picked the Nigerian Dwarfs were for their miniature size, sweet temperament, and a higher content of butter fat in the milk.  We started with 3 goats and the herd has continued to grow! I wanted to use the great benefits provided by goat milk, so I tried experimenting making goat milk soap products. I did a tremendous amount of reading and research on goat milk, and it wasn't long before I was making my own goat milk soaps and products. The milk from these amazing animals helps with eczema, psoriasis, and has some evidence of helping with some forms of arthritis. It also has a high fat content, which naturally moisturizes skin. When reading all the benefits, vitamins, minerals, fats and how good it is for your skin, I wanted to put my goat milk from our herd of goats to good use and to help people have healthy skin. That was the beginning of this wonderful, crazy journey that brought us to where we are today!  It's not just what we put into our bodies, it's what we put on our bodies that matters too!

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