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Whipped Body Butter



Our whipped body butter is used as a moisturizer. It is not greasy like store bought lotions, but rather soft and silky. The moisturizing benefits of goat milk lotion far surpasses that of commercial lotions because of our natural creams and goat milk. Here are a few more benefits of our whipped body butter, its a facial moisturizer as well as your whole body, helps with skin nutrition with vitamins and minerals, helps with acne and anti inflammatory properties, helps with sensitive skin because our whipped body butter doesn't contain alcohol, it also helps with exfoliation, goat milk helps with eczema and psoriasis since it has natural nutrients in goat milk.


Use our whipped body butter to moisturize your body and hands daily, this will keep your skin full of nutrition and moisturized. Gently take a small amount and rub into your skin. Using whipped body butter will increase the skin's resilience and improve its appearance.

Whipped Body Butter

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